Kathy H.

We were getting close to my daughter’s wedding date when we were informed that the venue’s wedding coordinator had quit.  Feeling the overwhelming stress of the pending wedding and not knowing where to turn, we reached out to Veronica for help. After meeting with Veronica to discuss the wedding plans we had made, she came up with some new ideas to make the day even better. From the start, we were put at ease as it was quite clear that Veronica was experienced in handling large events that would require multi-tasking and interacting with both the guests and the event staff.

In the days leading up to the wedding, she assisted with coordinating many aspects of the wedding with the venue. At the wedding, she was bright and cheerful throughout the day and night and was wonderful to work with. My husband and I were able to relax and enjoy the wedding knowing that Veronica was taking care of so many of the little tasks to make sure everything ran smoothly.  

She worked closely with the caterer and the venue staff to make sure all the needs of the guests, as well as the bride and groom, were met. She was always available and happy to assist and, with all of her help, we had a wonderful wedding that will not be forgotten.