5 Expenses to Remember When Creating your Wedding Budget: Stamps, Alterations, and Gifts, Oh My!

Whether your wedding budget is $100,000 or $30,000, there are many things to remember when planning your big day. Most couples know that they have to pay for a venue, food/drinks, flowers, and attire in order to have an event, so they plan their budget based on those big-ticket items. Many couples go over their budget because they don’t know about the little things that add up in the end but are also necessary to host an epic event for friends and family.


If you are inviting 150 people to your nuptials, you’ll need a few books of stamps to send out those Save the Dates and invitations! You can opt not to send Save the Dates since social media and creating a wedding website can help get the information out to loved ones. But, you still have to send out those invites and if you don’t have a wedding website, you’ll need RSVP cards. And, let’s assume that you need to send out 75 invitations need to be mailed since you’re inviting couples and families. That means…

75 guests x 2 stamps needed = 150 stamps

150 stamps = 8 books needed

8 books x $13.60 = $109 for stamps

If you still want to send out Save the Dates, add another $109 to your stamp bill. That is over $200 just for stamps! Seem like a small amount? It is until you add the OTHER little things you’ll need. Read on!

Wedding Attire Alterations

All brides know that it is very likely they’ll need alterations for their dress which ranges in price based on what is required. Budget for this ranges from $200-$700. You can’t forget that the groom, whether he chooses to wear a suit or tux, will also have needed alterations to make him look amazing on the wedding day.

Gifts for Wedding Party and Parents and Each Other

The Bride and Groom aren’t the only ones that receive gifts on this joyous occasion! Typically, couples buy something for each other to commemorate their big day, but they also purchase thank you gifts for their bridesmaids and groomsmen for being a part of the wedding. They also purchase gifts to thank their parents for all of their love and support!

Additional Fees Add Up

Here are some other fees that you need to remember when booking vendors.

Make-up/hair trials often cost a few hundred dollars.

Travel fees can be incurred if vendors have to travel more than a certain number of miles to get to your wedding.

Rental delivery fees for your tables, chairs etc can cost you several hundred dollars.

Service fees by caterer will be listed in your contract. Be sure to understand what they cover!

Gift bag delivery fee from hotels is often added to your final hotel bill so be sure to ask about those before you ask the front desk to hand those out to guests.

Consider Gratuity for the Vendor Team

If you’ve selected the perfect team, they will more than likely go above and beyond to ensure you have the BEST DAY EVER. In that case, you may wish to tip them for their excellent services. It is up to the couple to decide how much to give but if you have 14 vendors and you give them each a tip, that adds up! Adding 20% to your overall budget should help you cover this expense.

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Photography by: Mike Buscher Photography, Heather & Rob Wedding Photography, Moonstone Photography